is what I do.

Letting you shine

is what I do best!



- LaToya Renee

come in & stay awhile...

““Beauty can be seen in all things; seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.””


Do you know what makes a portrait sparkle? Look carefully - specifically at the eyes. It's a little something we call "Catch Light". It magically transforms an average photo into a captivating portrait. Without it, there's a lack of warmth.. feeling... glow... or connection!

To achieve this, most photographers will tell their clients to find the light. After all, the light is our friend! And, it really is important if you want to make the magic happen.

While we can agree that this is key to making a great photograph, it MATTERS MORE to me that we photographers focus on the light that's actually INSIDE OF YOU. That can be more challenging to find. But when you do, no strobes or sunlight can compete with the spark in your eyes that's ignited from within. So, by all means, FIND THE LIGHT... Follow it... Let it illuminate you... and when you're ready, I'LL CAPTURE IT!!


By definition, it's the "just right" amount of light that reaches the camera, and it requires a "just right" combination of camera settings...

Shutter Speed? Check.

Aperture? Check.

ISO? Check!

With each click, this is an essential checklist, along with a number of other variables that must be calculated to correctly expose our subjects. How satisfying it is when we get it "Just Right"; but I've learned, there's something we must prioritize over perfect lighting... YOU! The amazing human beings who grace our lenses with their HEART, MIND, AND SOUL. We'll make thousands of adjustments and use a plethora of photography equipment only to expose something that's already perfectly lit -

your most BEAUTY-FULL attributes: Love. Hope. Kindness. Inner Strength. Connection. Passion. Imagination. Vulnerability. Joy. Fearlessness.

We strategize and modify lighting specific for each subject because of aesthetic differences. Yet and still, the BEST EXPOSURE for every person will come from the very same place... the Depths of Your Soul!


Have you come across people that say, "I don't take pictures,"? Or, do you know people that avoid the camera at all cost? Are you that person? Don't worry, either way, you are not alone!

There seems to be a dominating percentage of the human population who feels quite uncomfortable in front of the camera, who doesn't require 100 retakes nor hours of preparation or editing to be "post-worthy". Most of us fall prey.

We admire the minority of individuals who literally hop up at the chance to beam and gleam in front of the camera, unfiltered, unapologetic, and always with a smile! The courage it takes to never mind what people think, to stare boldly into the barrel of a camera lens with self-love and self-assurance, to CHOOSE TO BE BRAVE - strong - open - and free!

Oh, how this ratio would change if we ALL truly believe that we are already "FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE" in the majestic image of God, our Creator. Let's have the audacity to see ourselves THROUGH HIS EYES - the sharpest lens that reflects perfect love and bountiful grace... Now, THAT is worth capturing!

“you are altogether beautiful, my love;
there is no flaw in you.”

“When I was about 12 years old, I told God, "No matter what I do or what I become, I just want to make people smile." The memory alone is my affirmation and a beautiful reminder every time I pick up my camera.”


“She uses photography as a tool for self-care, building confidence and embracing all of your uniqueness...

"I also had the privilege of hiring LaToya to do the photography for my twin daughters' 13th birthday photo shoot. She was amazing & captured the pictures beautifully! LaToya is not only a photographer but doubles as a modeling coach (helps with posing & facial expressions), stylist, and overall creative director. Her eye is able to transform the most unconventional surroundings into a beautiful oasis.”


“My experience was the best! It was my first [photo] shoot and I was kind of nervous, but then... I saw my pictures were looking amazing, I just knew that I got the best experience with the best photographer."

"My experience was good. I had fun! ...You made me feel comfortable. I would definitely love to do more photo shoots with you.”


“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”