Hi, I'm LaToya.

Hi, I'm LaToya.

"LaToya Renee Conward is my full, married name. It's very cultural🤎, and I always perk up when I find out someone has the same name. :) And, you may have guessed it, I've been called "LaToya Jackson" more times than I can count. I'm a bit like her - pretty unassuming and a bit audacious.😏 I'm admittedly modest now that I'm older, but when I was being bold and nervy, my mother would emphatically call me "LaToya Renee". When it came to photography, I decided to bravely BE ME and keep all of that same energy!"


Revolves around my faith in GOD and the most important people to me on this earth: my family. They are my everything! My husband, Derrick, and our four children: Jacobi, Jailyn, Jaxson, and Jazmin - are all my gifts from Heaven above. They validate my existence and give me strong legs to stand on as I climb my mountainous goals. Their hugs, kisses, and constant encouragement have motivated me to pursue my photography business and take advantage of the opportunities that knock on my door. I know God loves me because He gave me all of YOU! You guys are my reasons to keep going and growing, and wherever photography takes me, you'll always be my #1 priority!


Especially has this incredibly relentless faith in me. He makes me feel like I can literally do anything! Most importantly, he's there - emotionally and physically showing up - ensuring I absorb every ounce of his support. He keeps me humble and brags on my behalf, and I love him for that. I appreciate the surge of confidence I get when he speaks passionately to me and about me. He's my heart, and I wouldn't dare attempt this journey without my life partner, my bestest friend, my love! There's no me without you!

MY support >

Include a few crucial individuals - not all photographed here - who has my undying gratitude! Each have been an essential brick in my foundation. My husband, children, mother, in-laws aka my in-loves, God-sister bestie, favorite mentor from MC, ride-or-die cousins, SJR family, and CC "Framily"... Phew! You guys are my village! THANKS SO MUCH for believing in me, seeing greater in me than I saw in myself, supporting my vision, letting me practice on you (LOL), giving me constructive feedback, projecting positivity, holding me accountable, pushing me to go after my dreams, and always praying for me!! From the depths of my soul, I appreciate and love y'all to life!



I am a portrait photographer who genuinely loves to make people feel good about themselves. I have a propensity to encourage others, which is at the center of who God made me to be, and it's a vital part of my “why” for choosing Portrait Photography. When I was about 12 years old, I remember taking a walk in my neighborhood and telling God,  "No matter what I do or what I become, I just want to make people smile."  I had no idea that decades later I would be manifesting that sweet silent prayer: Making people smile on the outside by sparking joy on the inside. I feel like I'm fulfilling my purpose.

My #1 goal as a photographer is to draw out light with light. When you feel good, you show it! Period. If I do my job correctly, as I certainly plan to do🫰, then when it's all said and done, your heart will flutter, your eyes might leak, and your ego could potentially blow up!🤯 I'm just saying, "You've been warned!" LOL.  In all seriousness, I want to use this secret weapon of destruction to kill all that self-esteem rattling noise in our heads. With just a few clicks and lots of good times, I get to speak a lot louder than all of the negativity, and provide a lasting reminder of how truly amazing you really are!  Even the “retouching” I do is only meant to empower you, by forcing you to look through a filtered lens and ignore blemishes and so-called imperfections. When you see through my lens (and His), you'll find someone “fearfully and wonderfully made”! 

In my special way of coaching with affirmation, I teach clients how to relax and feel self-assured, so that their awareness of the camera nor anything else doesn't distract from being themselves! Whether you're already comfortable or not with taking photos, I make it my business to tap into all your potential - so that your images will radiate with confidence. It's my greatest joy to capture you in the best light (figuratively and literally) and elevate them both in quality and creativity.

I enjoy outdoor portrait photography as well as studio photography. Working outdoors offers amazing options for your environment and backgrounds, and working in the studio brings an editorial and “photo shoot” feel I really love. Indoor and outdoor photography are great teachers as they have equal challenges to overcome - on both sides of the camera. I’ve learned to accept the challenges, learn from the lessons and use them to make me wiser and more ready to try new things.  This is why I consider myself “ever-learning” - because I'm always seeking to improve. Being open to photographing the awesomeness of nature, architecture, and sometimes the unexpected AND connecting with people and composing photographs around their uniqueness, Portrait Photography is a gift that keeps on giving. 💝


Throughout grade school, I was a pretty great student and especially loved Math, English/Writing, and Art. I took as many Math and Art classes as I possibly could, particularly in my junior and senior years of high school. I even took AP Calculus; yep, I was that student. :) I learned quickly that math careers were limited (at least that's what my math teacher told me), therefore I followed down the path of Art. I was accepted into an art college in Georgia and planned to major in Fashion Illustration and Design; but per usual, life happened. Long story short, I stayed close to home at Prince Georges Community College, where I actually considered their Photography program (as it was my dream to be part of the fashion industry one way or another) but couldn't afford the camera equipment. Instead, I locked in on Business Administration, knowing that this would help me wherever my feet landed. Fortunately, more than half of my professors were from UMD so it was like I was getting a university education on a discount. :) I still needed my creative outlet, so I curved a few of my classes towards Graphic Illustration and Fine Arts. Eventually, I was working and attending school half-time, until I began a family at the tender age of 22. I attempted to still juggle work and classes, but it became taxing and parenting was my top priority. My educational endeavors took a backseat, and I did what I needed to do for my family.

We often make choices that takes us in directions we least expect, but I found that divine intervention plays a big part in circling you back to where you belong. Down the road, my attraction to numbers and passion for artistic things would mesh together when I rediscovered an appreciation for photography. When our first child was born, naturally, I wanted to capture every waking moment of his life, and I just couldn't put the camera down after that. My husband and I welcomed Baby #2, and I had the ultimate privilege of being a stay-at-home mom and a homemaker. After some gentle nudging from my super supportive husband, I went back to school, this time to pursue this newfound passion of mine at Montgomery College. In 2010, I excitedly declared my major in Photography, and my journey doubling as mom and student began (again). It was demanding, but since I can't help but keep my family first, I took it one class at a time. I was able to prove the old proverb true, "Slow and steady wins the race." Baby #3 then surprised us, but I did not quit! In 2017, I finally received my degree in Associates of Applied Science in Photography, and I walked across that stage with so much pride and gratification that it oozed out of my ears.

It may seem like a small feat to some, but let tell you the many reasons why graduating from college was one of the most proudest moments of my life. I was the very first to do so in my very large family; I graduated with honors, maintaining a 4.0 GPA every single semester; I studied, practiced, and sacrificed with my family's support; I gained mentors; I grew my village with like-minded and talented individuals, who were 10 years younger and some 20-30 years older and all willing to teach me more; I strived for excellence and succeeded; and I proved to myself and my family that I could do it! I am living proof that it's never too late to educate yourself or to start anew. No, this degree is not a Bachelors or Masters and certainly not a Doctorate, but I worked my tooshie off for it! I felt incredibly blessed to have had the greatest support system in the world to make it possible, and the best thing I discovered was myself. I surely could've gone further to get higher education but decided to delve deeper into gaining more experience and networking, which lead me to entrepreneurship. Truth is, you don't need a degree to be a respectable photographer or a business owner - although it's very helpful. I sought to educate myself in something that I'm extremely passionate about, and I have no regrets.

I continue to educate myself through practice and preparation, gleaming from fellow and highly-regarded photographers, doing research, and of course, through trial and error. Trust me, if you meet a photographer who claims they know it all, RUN AWAY! LOL! With new technology and all there is out in the world, there is always more to learn! Looking back, I would've never guessed that I could blend those three things I love so much together - Math, Writing, and Art - but now, I do it just about everyday. The best thing about it is that I get to use these skills to be a blessing to other people; and it means so much more. One day I'll really pay it forward when I expand to a charitable organization that teaches Photography to young people (combining two more things I love - teaching and kids), and I will help those less fortunate to rediscover their true value and self-worth through the empowerment of my photography. It would be a dream come true!


It would be my absolute pleasure to meet your every photography need! Branding photos,

New headshots, Updated family portraits,

High School or College Grads, or

Celebrating a milestone birthday -

Count on me to be YOUR photographer!